Sustainability & Social Responsibility

g2 revolution® (g2) is a specialty recycling solutions company founded upon our commitment to creating innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions for our clients. g2 is focused on providing efficient and cost-effective recycling programs covering a variety of products and materials commonly sold to the public, whether through "bricks and mortar" retail stores or through online transactions.

Our recycling programs help our clients reduce the amount of waste they generate, including in many cases hazardous waste, through reuse, recycling or recovery of usable ingredients to make or substitute for new products. Every pound of material that is recycled is a pound that does not go to incineration, deep well injection or to a landfill; and in turn, saves our clients on disposal costs as well as compliance requirements.

Our business model is designed around the idea of providing our clients practical, scalable solutions to their sustainability needs. Importantly, though, we understand that in these times of corporate social responsibility awareness, a vendor/supplier has to "walk the talk" on sustainability, so we have also made sure that we continue to strive to improve our own operations from an environmental and social benefit perspective. Below are some key highlights demonstrating our commitment to the environment and the communities we serve:


  • In 2015, our Findlay, OH, recycling center decreased the amount of non-recyclable waste to landfill by 68% over the prior year!
  • At the same time period, the recycling center increased the amount of customer plastic bags recycled by 9% and increased the amount of customer aerosols recycled by 88%!
  • Both our Lake in the Hills corporate headquarters and the Findlay recycling center provide mixed recycling containers for employee use — bottles, cans, plastics, film, Styrofoam and paper are all collected.
  • We recycle cardboard from old Gaylords, product packaging and our customer program containers.
  • All of our used batteries and lamps are recycled and any of our used electronics go to an R2-certified processor for breakdown and commodity metals and plastics recovery.
  • Container reuse is built into recycling programs that use poly drums and buckets. When a plastic bucket or drum comes to us filled with materials for recycling, we clean and reuse the containers, repeatedly cycling them back into various recycling programs until they are no longer suitable for reuse. At that time, they are then removed from service and are recycled themselves.
  • Our recycling operations are designed to not be water-intensive — our process discharge at our recycling facility is limited to approximately 100 gallons per day.
  • Our facilities have programmable thermostats and automated systems for climate control.
  • Our recycling plant is required to demonstrate a minimum monthly recycling goal of 60% of any materials we take in, by statute. We are always well above this and recycle on average 95-98% of client material.
  • After assessing our lighting needs at our Findlay recycling center, we de-lamped our facility appropriately to remove excessive lighting.
  • We retrofitted our parking lots with LED lighting.

We are proud of our operational philosophy and have embedded sustainability into what we do every day!

Social Responsibility

Beliefs without actions are simply platitudes. At g2 we believe that making a profit is not our only goal. We have the power and resources to give hope and opportunity to the underserved and we stand firm in our belief that businesses have an obligation to give back to the communities they serve.

Our first obligation is to our own folks: We are very proud of the fact that we share 10% of our annual profits with our employees! We have other incentive programs and even provide four paid workdays a year to salaried employees who wish to volunteer at a local shelter or food pantry to give back to the community.

Social responsibility is the motive behind a hugely successful partnership with the West Ohio Food Bank: On January 1st, 2013, g2 implemented a program called "Feed the Future" where we donate funds to the Food Bank, allowing it to purchase 2 ½ pounds of food for every box, bucket, or drum we process for recycling. To put this into perspective, this amount of food feeds two people for approximately two meals. The Food Bank transports, sorts, stores, and distributes the food to emergency food pantries, soup kitchens, and local shelters that serve 10,000 families each month. We have recently expanded the program to two additional charitable organizations that are helping to feed America's hungry: The Crystal Lake Food Pantry and Willow Creek's Care Center. As of August 31, 2016, we have recycled 528,686 containers and have helped to provide 1,321,365 pounds of food to those in need!

In addition to Feed the Future, we are implementing a new program where we donate monthly to P.A.D.S. (Public Action to Deliver Shelter). P.A.D.S. services McHenry County, IL, by working with community churches that offer warm places for the homeless to sleep during the cold winter months. The group also provides people in need with bedding, blankets, dinner, breakfast and a sack lunch to take with them, along with transportation to get from church to church. Finally, they also offer crisis intervention, counseling, life skills building, lockers, showers, and transitional housing. We are very happy and excited to expand our community outreach to programs that really make a difference!

We also help families recover after disasters by donating usable cleaning materials we make from recycled products. The Fire Relief Foundation in Findlay, OH provides donated items to help victims of fire get back on their feet. It also distributes items such as cleaning supplies to other organizations in the area including Hope House, Open Arms, City Mission, Soroptomist, animal shelters, vocational schools, the Red Cross, churches, and many others. g2 also donates materials to Matthew 25: Ministries, an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization.

Culture & Core Values

g2 has been named by Inc. 500/5000 for the past four years as one of the fastest growing privately-held companies in America.

We are disrupting the marketplace by developing innovative approaches to recycling consumer goods. We believe there are better and more sustainable end-of-life solutions for products containing chemicals. We are willing to find ways to promote commodity recycling despite difficult logistical questions. We understand that compliance can be just as important as economics. And we believe customer service is integral to doing business, not something to pitch during a sales meeting and neglect after the contract is signed.

We let the needs of our clients guide the specifics of each recycling program we design and implement. Whether driven by regulatory compliance, cost savings or environmental goals, g2 revolution has developed unique programs for companies of all sizes and these programs are used in thousands of locations across the country. Utilizing our proprietary myEco*trak® reporting system, we provide our clients timely and robust data reporting by individual container and location for each material recycled. At g2 revolution, we are Changing the Way the World Recycles®!


Changing the Way the World Recycles®