Bulk Volume

Why Choose Bulk Volume Recycling With Us?

Manufacturing and distribution facilities often experience recycling situations with various packaging materials or products where the volumes justify a bulk solution. Our team will help identify the proper recycling method best suited for the customers' current situation. Whether it is a "one-time" request or an on-going program, g2 will customize each solution while allowing your facility to continue to operate at peak efficiency. We understand that high volumes of materials are moving in and out of distribution/manufacturing facilities every day and we will work to implement easy-to-use programs that are flexible enough to handle your always-changing business needs.

How Does It Work?

Where Can I Find My Program Data?

When we set up your recycling account, you are provided with secure login access to an online data system that contains all your recycling records. Every single material is tracked and is individually recorded, including by distribution/manufacturing facility, if you have multiple locations. So you can know instantly how well your recycling program is being implemented! You can also query the database to see your records over a set period of time, or within a select geography, to manage your program with precision. And finally, you can download certificates of recycling if you need paper-based records.

What Are the Regulations?

Depending on the material/product's nature, especially if containing hazardous ingredients, federal requirements governing waste disposal can apply to your situation. Some states may have additional requirements to ensure a company is properly recycling/managing the material. Recycling alternatives become critical to avoid large volumes of waste generation.

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