Plastic Bags & Film Recycling

Why Recycle Plastic Bags & Film With Us?

Plastic bags and plastic film are very common recyclable materials generated in retail stores and warehouses. Our easy-to-use programs can pack a lot of material into smaller containers without stores having to worry about maintaining large recycling collection bins. Due to a significant downturn in the recycling commodities market, many plastic recyclers are no longer accepting small amounts of plastic or have stopped actually recycling it altogether, even though more and more communities are mandating the recycling of plastic bags and film. Not only do we continue to ensure that your plastic is properly recycled, we provide you with robust data as a backup for any agency-required reporting.

How Does It Work?

Where Can I Find My Program Data?

When we set up your recycling account, you are provided with secure login access to an online data system that contains all your recycling records. Every single container is tracked and is individually recorded, including by location if you have multiple locations. So you can know instantly if any of your facilities are not recycling! You can also query the database to see your records over a set period of time, or within a certain geography. And finally, you can also download certificates of recycling if you need paper-based records.

What Are the Regulations?

There are certain jurisdictions requiring recycling for plastic shopping bags and related materials. For example, Maine requires plastic shopping bag recycling. New York recently added plastic film to its existing plastic shopping bag recycling requirements. And New Jersey has a number of counties with requirements for recycling plastic for commercial entities.

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