Store-Based Takeback

Why Do Store-Based Takeback With Us?

One of the most recent growth trends in sustainability is retail store-based takeback of manufactured goods at end-of-life. Pioneered many decades ago with automotive shop battery return programs, this approach provides the manufacturer with the ability to collect its products from the public, enhancing its "green" messaging to consumers. It can even reinforce relationships with the manufacturer's customer base, through potential promotional add-ons and other marketing-related enhancements. The retailer also benefits by developing opportunity sales from environmentally-conscious customers coming to the stores for recycling.

g2 has a long history doing business with retailers and understands how to implement recycling in a store setting.

How Does It Work?

Where Can I Find My Program Data?

When we set up your recycling account, you are provided with secure login access to an online data system that contains all your recycling records. Every single container in tracked and is individually recorded, including by location, if you have multiple locations. So you can know instantly how well your recycling program is being implemented! You can also query the database to see your records over a set period of time, or within a select geography, to manage your program with precision. And finally, you can download certificates of recycling if you need paper-based records.

What Are the Regulations?

Currently, many companies and even industries are looking at product takeback as a strategy to avoid the threat of regulations. Perhaps more importantly, investors and shareholders are increasingly looking to put the money into progressive firms that understand the importance of product stewardship and how it applies to a manufacturer.

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