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What are Enterprise Services?

g2 revolution Enterprise Services are specific for businesses such as retailers and manufacturers that have multiple locations nationwide. For businesses with one or a few stores, we encourage you to shop our services directly at our online store.

Recyclogistics®: Recycling Services for the Hard-to-Recycle

Do you g2?® As your trusted partner, we utilize our proven shipping, receiving, sorting and reporting infrastructure to  reach or even establish your green goals. Are you ready to strengthen your sustainability story and processes?

What We Recycle

Our mailback, bulk, and post-consumer recycling services are fitting for retailers, grocers, manufacturers, hospitality, and medical facilities looking for innovative end-of-life solutions for their products.
This is an alternative to landfill or large hazardous waste programs to manage harder to recycle materials.

Don’t see your product? Contact our team and we’ll look at the details together. 

Acrylic Guards

Acrylic sneeze guards, plastic safety dividers, plexiglass dividers, sanitation safety stands


Spray paint, Air Freshener, Sanitizer, Hairspray, Foam Deodorizer, Compressed Air dusters, Disinfectant


Lantern Batteries, Alkaline Batteries, Rechargeable Lithium, NICAD, NIMH, Carbon-Zinc

Beauty Products & Packaging

Perfume, Body Spray, Nail Polish / Remover, Body Mist, Creams, Lotions, Liquid Makeup (Including Flammable), Shampoo, Conditioner, Soaps

Coffee Pods

Single-serve coffee, espresso and tea capsules and pods to recycle aluminum, plastic and organic components

Consumer Chemical Products (CCP)

Hair Care, Laundry, Household Cleaners, Personal Care, Dishwashing, Products with Ammonia or Bleach


Digital signage, computers, keyboards, mice, phones, radios, cameras, CPUs, servers, flashlights, tools, alarms

EPS Styrofoam

Styrofoam coolers, insulated foam, styrofoam sheets, packing peanuts, styrofoam cups, roofing insulation

Lamps / Bulbs

Fluorescent or LED straight or U-Bend tube lights, small light bulbs (CFL, HID, Incandescent, LED), Strip Lights

Plastic Bags & Film

Grocery Bags, Sandwich Bags, Plastic Wrap / Cling Wrap, Film Packaging, Bread Bags, Bubble Wrap

PPE Items (PPE to POWER)

Disposable Gloves, Disposable Masks, Face Shields, Earplugs, Tyvek Coats, Bouffant Caps, Safety Glasses

Single Stream / Mixed

Paper, Cardboard, Aluminum Cans, Glass Containers and Bottles, Plastic Containers, Styrofoam

Partnership Program Websites

Exclusive partnership program with Keurig
to recycle K-Cup® Pods

Proprietary nicotine recycling brand owned and
operated by Watterson Brands

PS: When you recycle with us, it also means you give back through community programs!

Donations to our Green Giving commitments such as food banks and social services are included in all national client programs.  


Seamless and compliant product sorting is managed through our partnership with UL’s WERCSmart® program.

How Does a g² Mailback Program Work?

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Each location in the launch stage will receive the included g2-PAK® or bucket collection container for your product and/or packaging. Container type and size are able to be customized. We use our Recyclogistics® team and process to work with you to meet your program goals.

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Employees place acceptable items into collection container complete with regulatory labeling. Once full, seal for shipping back to g2 using the prepaid shipping label.

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Graphic of simple sorting process

Our warehouse team receives each container where items are weighed and sorted to either be repurposed, reused as-is or recycled.

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All-access pass to your processed container information, location data, and even expired containers is available through our proprietary
myEco-Trak® software.


Sustainable Partner from the First Step

After the initial consultation, you will select the best recycling container that is included with your program for your needs. We help you select attributes for your recycling program and any custom designs you may need (optional). 

Our team will work alongside your key players for the logistics of your rollout locations, design all program collateral, and set up customer service support. Alongside anything else you may need!

Our team will ensure that all federal and local regulations are followed by your program. We dive into each launch state for a full cross-reference for all materials processed. 

Recycling and Recovery Even During a Crisis

Stores can be quickly forced to close their doors due to an unforeseeable event such as flood, smoke damage, water damage, virus outbreak, infestation, tornado or a hurricane. We can help to quickly restore your locations while keeping your products out of the landfill. 


Our team will scan and sort all products received and give them a Second Life. You receive a list of all barcodes for insurance claim submission.


Our partner can be deployed immediately in the field after an emergency to help with restoration and damage mitigation to allow your doors to open sooner.


We can ensure full brand protection from beginning to end with thorough data including barcodes and category weights for all items recycled.

What about regulations?

We are a compliance first company and that drives the solutions that we provide. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has issued guidance on how to recycle certain items in select states without having to treat them as regulated waste. g2’s Compliance team will work with you to ensure a smooth transition and execution with any recycling program.

Let's talk recycling.

We want to review our services with you and how our expertise can assist your business sustainability goals.


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