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Landfill Diversion Through Innovation

Green-minded businesses around the world are striving to become even more innovative to respond to social and environmental considerations. This mission includes finding solutions for unsaleable consumer products that are damaged, expired, or discontinued.
We can help your business contribute to its sustainability story, not hurt it. 


Here are just some of the ways that the g2 team is rolling up its sleeves to give products and packaging a Second Life® through cutting edge solutions:

Coffe Grounds recycling

Compost Material

Coffee grounds from K-Cups® Pods used in agricultural compost through K-Cycle™ program at a local farm to produce rich soil.

soap recycling

Industrial Floor Wash

Personal care products such as shampoo and soaps are made into Industrial Floor Wash that is also used in emergency disaster relief!

perfume recycling

Industrial Deodorizer

Unsaleable perfumes, body sprays, and colognes can be remanufactured into commercial deodorizers for outdoor use in dumpsters, portable toilets, etc

nail polish recycling

Alkyd Paint

Nail polish is reclaimed and converted into alkyd paint for commercial use.



Laundry, household, auto, animal, and pest control cleaning products go back to communities to be used as is.

Aluminum recycling image


Materials such as aluminum, glass and paper are all able to successfully re-enter the manufacturing stream to make new products.



g2 is committed to transparency around our specialty recycling solutions which includes robust data reporting capabilities and resourceful partnerships. 

Location Recycling Data

On demand data available through proprietary ECO-TRAK® software that allows for multi-site monitoring and reporting. Retailers can track the following and more:

Person Using a computer with ecotrak text overlaid

UL's WERCSmart® Technology Solution Partner

UL’s WERCSmart® program provides on-demand product safety, compliance, and waste disposal information for retailers to accurately handle, store, transport, and manage the disposal and diversion of products. g2 and UL have teamed together to integrate your g2 recycling program into WERCSmart’s SaaS applications.


Retail workers scan the item's UPC.


g2 instructions are displayed based on the product's chemical composition.


Place the item in the correct, color-coded g2 collection container.

Sustainability Hierarchy

Our goal will always be
landfill diversion.

The g2 approach to our clients’ products and packaging follows a hierarchy of management options where the landfill is never used at our Findlay, OH processing facility.

sustainability hierarchy

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We want to help you reach your sustainability goals, even if you feel like there are roadblocks in the way. 


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